Cordonnicot Needle Lace


Cordonnicot Lace – Back in October, 1998, I embarked on my City & Guilds Stage 1 Certificate in Embroidery. It was to take almost four years and whilst doing all the research on various embroidery techniques, (including a module which required needle lace research and the making of a main assessment piece), I did a lot of drawings and designs which I didn’t have time to make then but had always intended to “come back” to in the future.

In 2005 I managed to find time and it seemed an ideal opportunity to design a needle lace using some of these designs and combining them with some of my favourite techniques which I had learned over the previous 10 years of making needle laces.

Many of the designs were based on wood carvings in old churches…on pews and lecterns, on stone work and ironwork, mosaics etc. and even from ethnic and cultural research.

In September 2005, I launched this book at the Australian Lace Guild AGM week and taught 3 of the small pieces in 2 and 4 day workshops. I taught it again in March 2006 to students here in Perth, Western Australia and in Albany, Western Australia. I designed a Cordonnicot “Frilled Lizard” especially for donation to “The Lace Place” in Hyden, Western Australia where it is on display with the Lace Collection there.

Cordonnicot Needle Lace Frilled Neck Lizard

Cordonnicot Needle Lace Frilled Neck Lizard

For the 2006 Australian Lace Guild Triennial Competition the “Lacecargot” Lace Group, of which I am a member, all made Starfish (the theme being “The Sea”) and I designed and made mine in Cordonnicot lace.

Cordonnicot Needle Lace Starfish

Cordonnicot Needle Lace Starfish

I was invited to teach my Cordonnicot Lace in Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane in March/April 2007 and in Tasmania in 2010.

In 2010 The theme for the Australian Country Display for the OIDFA Congress in Kobe, Japan was Fish – representing the Great Barrier Reef – so I designed a Cordonnicot fish…

Cordonnicot Needle Lace Fish

Cordonnicot Needle Lace Fish

In 2011 I was invited to the AGM weekend of the New Zealand Lace Society, in Auckland, where I taught Cordonnicot Needle Lace along with a Wire Lace and a “Free” Bobbin Lace workshop – all students in together – that was a challenge :).

In October 2011 I was again invited back to Tasmania and designed for their workshops – a Cordonnicot Peacock, Wire Lace Peacock and “Free” Bobbin Lace Peacock.

Cordonnicot Needle Lace Peacock

Cordonnicot Needle Lace Peacock

Recently I have been working on pieces for upcoming workshops which take the Cordonnicot Lace “a little further” … now has 3D components and more beads, metallic threads and other “lush” things – all very exciting …. šŸ˜€



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  1. Bron says:

    Is the book available to buy please? ??

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